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Pay attention to engine water do not start the vehicle
2019-05-17 20:39:17

Above all, watch your brake system, ability does not have trouble at home.Rain increases the humidity of the air, if there is water into the brake fluid, in the high temperature is gasified, will cause braking failure or even failure.So in the maintenance of brake fluid must be checked to ensure the safety of the driver's life.

When driving in the rain, to grasp the driving direction, speed and visibility.Driving in the rain as far as possible to use low speed block, one or two block, not more than 20 kilometers or 30 kilometers per hour, always pay attention to observe the car and their car before and after the distance, make emergency mental preparation in advance.Avoid a quick stop and rear-end collision.

Warning: keep your lights on even during the day when it's raining hard, and turn your wipers up to maintain visibility in front of you.

Keep the throttle firmly in the vehicle and pass the water in one breath to avoid shifting or sharp turns in the middle of the journey.The instant that the car takes in water should be as smooth as possible, look as far as possible in driving fixed target, both hands holds steering wheel to go straight ahead, must not look at current or spray, lest sway random line of sight produces illusion, make the vehicle deviates normal course and produce an accident.If the bottom has quicksand, wheel skidding idling, to immediately stop, not reluctantly through, not to semi-linkage to slam on the accelerator pedal.

Reminder: after passing the water, put a few empty feet on the brake to test the brake sensitivity.

Novice drivers are not familiar with driving common sense, in the water to start the vehicle, causing engine water.If it still doesn't make you alert, to tell you, in heavy rain weather, insurance companies are generally under the terms of the loss of vehicle interior flooding caused and circuit, air filter, exhaust pipe, the damage to the engine parts, such as claims, but there is a disclaimer, is in the case of a flooding damaged motor launch vehicle, the insurance company shall not pay for it.

Caution: in case the vehicle stalled when wading, the owner had better not rush to start the motor, first check the vehicle wading depth, if the water has exceeded the exhaust pipe, it is strictly prohibited to start the motor.Can call the rescue phone, waiting for the trailer rescue.

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