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What's the reason cars tend to spontaneously ignite in summe
2019-05-23 17:54:16
     As soon as the summer comes around, the news starts to come out about cars that spontaneously combust, and it's not about fancy cars or fancy cars, even Used dump trucks because there are some factors that can cause them to combust.So,, what are the factors that cause vehicle spontaneous combustion?

1, the leakage

Engine is working, as a result of the ignition coil temperature is high, it can make the insulation layer of high voltage ignition wire softening, aging, crack damage, making it easier for the high voltage ignition breakdown insulation, resulting in a high voltage electric leakage, temperature rising caused by leakage place, ignition engine, carburetor, such as leakage of petrol, eventually leading to burning.

2, take the iron

In the spontaneous combustion accident caused by line fault, the most important reason is taking iron.Especially a lot of new car users, to their own car just bought a love to add, so add alarm to the vehicle, high-end audio, improve the shape and so on.These actions are likely to cause the wire to catch up with the iron, which can cause the vehicle to spontaneously ignite.

3, the oil

Spilled gasoline is the worst flammable, you know.

4, electrical failure short circuit

The common starting switch occurs welding due to contact sintering, and the starter magnetic switch cannot be released, which will lead to excessively long starting time (safe starting time of the starter is 5s) and cause the starter to generate heat and fire.

5. Excessive contact resistance

Line contact is not solid, local resistance is too large to produce heat energy, so that the wire contact heating, causing a fire combustible materials.

6, motor vehicle carburetor tempering

Carburetor backfires sometimes occur when a vehicle is on or starting, which can also lead to spontaneous combustion.

7, mechanical friction fire

The lubrication system of the vehicle engine is short of oil, and the surfaces of the parts are in contact with each other and move relative to each other, which makes the friction produce high temperature.Contact with combustible materials may cause a fire.

8. Improper parking position

Today's cars are typically equipped with ternary catalytic reactors, which sit on exhaust pipes at high temperatures.A fire can happen if you park the car in an improper position, such as near combustible materials.

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